What to Expect From a Contract Therapy Service Provider

In today’s healthcare climate, administrators are looking for operational efficiencies without forfeiting the most important goal of delivering extraordinary care. Rehab therapy, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, is a central piece of the patient journey, and yet the therapy department can be challenging for hospitals to fund and maintain.

The purpose of a contract therapy partner, like RehabVisions, is to help you achieve those goals, but if you’ve never explored a relationship with a contract therapy partner, you may be interested in what to expect.

Outsourcing physical rehabilitation and therapy allows hospitals to utilize the expertise and resources of their contract services provider. The following information will give you some insight into what you can expect from a partner.

Recruiting and Staff Development. From access of top talent networks to implementing training programs to accessing the market potential, a therapy partner will assist you in building a high-performing team for lasting success.

Reduced Labor Costs. Lower administrative and management costs are obtained by allowing the outsourced team to be managed externally.

Strategic Planning. After assessing your current offerings, patient population and therapist skills, a partner organization will help you expand your services to help more people obtain the latest treatments without leaving your community.

Improved Patient Experience. Patients will have better outcomes and overall experiences when cared for by a highly trained and engaged staff. By removing inefficiencies and focusing on care, your patients will receive a higher degree of treatment that encourages their long-term health.

Compliance Expertise. One of the challenges facing many therapy departments is keeping up with the constant stream of regulatory challenges. A contracted partner provides knowledgeable experts, training, follow up and systems of accountability. Thus, allowing your hospital compliance team to focus on other areas.

Increased Revenue. Through expanded service offerings, reduced billing errors, higher reimbursements, increased staff productivity, improving efficiencies and increased patient referrals, administrators will see their rehab therapy program become a positive contributor.

Outsourcing your physical, occupational and speech therapy services will help your hospital to overcome many strategic and administrative hurdles. At RehabVisions we have nearly 40 years of experience partnering with hospitals. We have the knowledge, expertise and resources to expand and grow your physical therapy department. Contact us today to learn more.



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