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Our skilled nursing facility division has expertise in geriatric rehab and all aspects of the SNF industry.

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Skilled Nursing

Clinical Excellence

Always number one at RehabVisions is quality. We strive to hire the best therapists, use the latest treatments and practices, and help each resident reach their maximum level of function. Our therapists do this by performing multi-system assessments and evaluating functional activities in the resident’s immediate environment and the community.

RehabVisions’ therapists develop individualized therapy plans to address one or more of the following purposes:

  • Restore function
  • Teach compensatory techniques
  • Train in use of adaptive equipment
  • Prevent Debilitation
  • Increase Safety
  • Promote health and wellness

Education is a critical component of a therapy plan of care. The therapists work to establish self-management techniques with the resident through:

  • Development and training on restorative nursing programs
  • Home exercise program instruction
  • Safety training in the environment
  • Adaptive equipment training
  • Caregiver and family education

RehabVisions’ therapists work hand and hand with caregivers to develop aftercare programs. These caregivers include family members, nursing, restorative and wellness staff.  Therapists establish aftercare programs and provide training/education to caregivers prior to discharge from therapy to improve quality of life, prevent injury or further decline and to help the patient maintain independence in activities of daily living and mobility. A resident may be started on a caregiver program when he or she is admitted to the facility, when needs arise during the course of a longer-term stay, or in conjunction with formalized rehabilitation. The therapist’s role in the development of the prevention or aftercare program is to evaluate the patient, design the program, trial the techniques with the patient, train the caregiver, monitor the program effectiveness, and transition the program for carryover.


Communication with our clients and customer satisfaction is key to the success of our therapy programs. For RehabVisions, our customers include residents, family members, facility staff, peers, physicians and referral sources. Developing relationships with all customers enables therapists to integrate seamlessly into the facility. Our productivity expectations are set at a reasonable level to allow Rehab Directors and therapists the time to participate in non-patient related care that is integral to developing a successful therapy program.

Internal Marketing
RehabVisions’ marketing strategy begins with internal marketing or relationship building.  Relationship building is one of RehabVisions’ core values and is essential to our goal of integrating seamlessly into our facilities.

  • Participating at facility clinical meetings (skin, falls, weight loss, etc…)
  • Teaching and training of caregivers during aftercare program development
  • Scope-of-practice training for all facility staff
  • Participating in care plan meetings

External Marketing
Planning and strategizing for more formalized marketing is important. We view this process as a collaborative effort between RehabVisions and our facilities. Formal marketing strategies can be developed with the assistance of the RehabVisions’ Marketing Department.


In this ever-changing world of healthcare, keeping our therapists current on regulatory and reimbursement is­sues is vital. Our SNF management team focuses on training, counseling/mentoring and providing compliance support for all disciplines and our client facilities. Our compliance program lays a foundation for individual and department accountability by providing:

  • Billing and coding training and oversight
  • PPS/MDS 3.0 training and monitoring
  • POC certification and completion monitoring
  • Denials management
  • Documentation audits and training
  • Part B Therapy Cap tracking
  • Functional limitation reporting tracking
  • HR employee compliance checks (state licensure verification, background checks, vaccinations, HIPAA)
  • State licensure and practice act requirements

Computer Software
RehabVisions utilizes Casamba clinical software to capture all Payor, RUG, ARD and patient documentation information to optimize clinical care and reimbursement. RehabVisions’ therapists enter all evaluations, discharges, daily and weekly documentation into the Casamba software. The software is designed to ensure that all Medicare-required information is included in the documentation. Additionally, facility staff members (MDS coordinator, DON, unit managers, etc.) are given access to the software in order to view therapy caseload, billing, documentation and MDS information.

PDPM Preparation

Up-to-date CMS education and training resources to prepare for PDPM.

Our latest PDPM content:

Their service has been exceptional. Our residents can get the full spectrum of therapy, and I’ve also been impressed with the way they have integrated with our entire building. They have a strong relationship with the nursing department, which is important. It’s really a team approach with our residents.

-Kurt Stoner

Administrator of Bethel Lutheran Home, Williston, North Dakota

a skilled nursing facility

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