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With over four decades of experience in the therapy industry, RehabVisions provides exceptional physical, occupational, and speech therapy to our strategic partner hospitals.

We have proven success providing exceptional programs, people and processes to help our partners to enhance their financial stability while delivering high-quality patient-centered care.

We provide expert therapy solutions while delivering the highest quality care in a cost effective and time efficient manner for our partners and patients.


Grow Therapy Revenue

  • Improve billing process
  • Insure proper coding
  • Bring additional services to the community
  • Enhance physician referrals
  • Bring extensive oversight experience and vision to realize department excellence
  • Manage referral/patient leakage
  • Assist with marketing and consistent messaging


Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Ensure that patient needs are assessed
  • Know that the right care plan is recommended and implemented
  • Ensure services performed are properly documented
  • Higher satisfaction levels
  • Achieve a consistent and positive patient experience


Reduced Overhead

  • Assist hospital with increase efficiencies
  • Reduce administrative burden and stress associated with managing a staff
  • Opportunity to reduce other administrative positions and costs
  • Compliance department to handle the constant changes in our industry


Inpatient Hospital Therapy Units

  • Assist with common concerns
    • Census development and referral growth
    • Unbalanced case mix
    • Lack of clinical program development
    • Medicare non-compliance
    • Ineffective monitoring systems
    • Timely evaluations & treatments
    • Reimbursements
    • Readmissions
    • Outpatient leakage
    • Workforce management & recruitment
    • Length of Stay / avoidable days
    • Transitions to post-acute continuum care
    • Expenses
  • RehabVisions provides value-based services:
    • Regulatory Experts
    • Costs reductions
    • Fees aligned with compensation
    • Marketplace positioning
    • Outpatient growth & program development
    • Best practice care/quality outcomes
    • Recruitment horsepower
    • Optimization software
    • Denials * appeals management
    • Rehab Director support & leadership development
    • Regulatory and compliance

Swing Bed Programs

  • Operational plans for new and existing departments
  • External and Internal referral development
  • Staff and physician education
  • Clinical, operations and reimbursement expertise

Our Process is Simple

Our Process is Simple

  • Conference call with hospital leadership
  • Conduct a performance assessment of your therapy department
  • Possible on-site visit to evaluate process, productivity and performance to define a path to optimization
  • Produce assessment identifying areas to improve productivity, revenue and community services

Hospital CEO’s have informed us that our process gives them a greater understanding of the challenges and issues their therapy departments are facing.

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Three Benefits a Partnership with RehabVisions Offers


Improved Patient Outcome

Patients who receive the therapy services they need while staying at a hospital are more likely to report higher satisfaction levels

Increased Revenue 

RehabVisions can improve billing process, ensure proper coding and bring additional services to the community

Reduced Overhead

The expertise provided by RehabVisions can assist your hospital with increased deficiencies and service offerings while reducing the administrative burden, stress and costs associated with managing staff

Some of our Partners

“RehabVisions has been providing the rehab services at Myrtue Medical Center for more than 20 years. Over the course of time, they have consistently added new programs and grown a thriving rehab department. I have been impressed with the way they collaborate with our organization, embrace our hospital culture, and, most importantly, never stagnate. They have developed specialty services that meet the needs of our physicians, patients and community.”

Barry Jacobsen, CEO

Myrtle Medical Center (Harlan, Iowa)

Now that we’re past the original leap of faith, our census has doubled, we’ve been able to recruit more staff, we’ve been able to keep the staff busy. I think there’s a breadth of expansion that RehabVisions brings to the table. It’s allowed us to say yes to a lot more patients and we’re getting well-known for our programs. I feel really good about bringing in RehabVisions, it’s been one of my success stories.

Steve Stark, CEO

Orchard Hospital (Gridley, California)

“We are two years into our partnership with RehabVisions. I am thrilled with how the department has grown. There are exciting things going on. I tell the board all the time that it confirms to me these difficult decisions can be worth it. Yes, we were relinquishing some control, but we vetted the company and they were very transparent giving us names of folks we could talk to who were longstanding clients of RehabVisions and the quality came through everyone we talked to.”

-Glenda Bishop, CEO

Qunicy Valley Hospital (Quincy, Washington)

I worked with RehabVisions for many years when I was at Prosser Memorial Hospital so when we needed to grow our therapy program at Kittitas Valley Healthcare, I didn’t hesitate to call on RehabVisions.They understand rural healthcare.Our partnership with RehabVisons has allowed KVH to provide more comprehensive therapy services to the community and our staff benefits from the support of an organization that specializes in therapy.

Julie Petersen, CEO

Kittitas Valley Healthcare (Ellensburg, WA)