Travel Partnership Continues to Build

Cariant Health Partners, RehabVisions’ sister travel company, started in 2001, mainly to assist in staffing RehabVisions’ short-term needs. It has since grown to 17 home office staff, and they recently added a nursing division.

The relationship between RehabVisions and Cariant has continued to strengthen. When dealing with Cariant’s traveling therapists, their recruiters lean on RV’s expertise for assistance in clinical and compliance questions. “Having so many professionals in the therapy business just upstairs from us helps immensely,” Division Manager Tracey Duke said. “It’s definitely what sets up apart from our competitors.”

Likewise Cariant has continued to help RehabVisions’ contracted facilities with short-term needs. The goal is 75 percent of RV’s needs are fulfilled by Cariant travelers, and they typically reach it.

And once or twice a year, RehabVisions lucks out and one of its Cariant travelers decides to “go perm.” Take for example, John Andruczk, PTA who completed his first travel assignation with Cariant this past year at Orchard Hospital in Gridley, California, RehabVisions’ newest contracted hospital.

After eight years of traveling and only four weeks on the job at Gridley, John decided to plant his roots.

“I knew it was kind of a ground floor thing,” he said. “The swing bed program is up and running and I feel good about that.”

Director of Operations Tracy Milius, OT said John has a history in skilled nursing, which really helped them. “He was instrumental with the evolution of the swing bed program as that was happening,” she said.

John said having RehabVisions as the contract company was very much a reasons he felt comfortable staying. “Some companies are like used-car sales, where they are gone once the sale is done. There’s a ton of support here and it’s been great.”

In a recent management meeting at the home office, Director of Operations Steve Kinkead, SLP commented on the strong relationship between the two companies. “When things happen that disrupt our departments’ staff, it used to make me sick to my stomach thinking how am I going to fix this,” he said. “Now I’m comfortable because I think ‘I’ll call Duke.’ There’s a great relationship there.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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