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In Fall 2021, the RehabVisions and Cariant Health Partners Foundation was founded to bring the two companies’ various giving initiatives under one umbrella. The initial Board of the Foundation members created the policies, processes and the following mission to achieve the goals of this new foundation.

The Foundation will help to fulfill the missions and uphold the values of RehabVisions and Cariant Health Partners by supporting corporate giving, scholarships and assisting communities in times of hardship.


Corporate Giving – RehabVisions is often asked to support our partnering facilities with community outreach events or in their own foundation efforts through charitable dinners or golf tournaments. Likewise, we are often asked to give financial support for capital campaigns related to building expansions or new construction for our facilities and/or department renovations.


Community Hardships – Unfortunately, terrible things sometimes happen in our communities. Through the Foundation, we can provide financial support to charitable organizations like the Red Cross during times of community crisis and declared disasters.


Scholarships – While there are a lot of stipulations around what kind of scholarship we can provide, the Board of Foundation members are exploring options and determining how we can best assist in this area. It is possible we will choose to partner with graduate programs to subsidize expenses for therapy students.

In CEO Darrell Metcalf’s announcement about the foundation, he said, “I am ecstatic about the creation of this entity. It gives us the opportunity to create structure around our giving process. Additionally, it will allow us to report back to our communities and all our employees regarding what we are doing to give back/pay it forward.”


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