Month: May 2012

May 30, 2012

OT helps those with Parkinson’s Disease

Stacey Hodges, OT
by Stacey Hodges, OT

Although we are almost two months past April and Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, it is always timely to recognize a neurological disorder that affects so many. In my community in Iowa, there are many individuals who have been impacted by this debilitating diagnosis. As the director of rehab services at the hospital, I have grown …

May 14, 2012

Money isn’t everything

Bill Mannewitz, PT
Clinical Operations Manager – Hospital Division

Money . . . what an interesting topic . . . it is important but so is liking what you do and where you work every day. Many clinicians will unknowingly sign on with less-than-ideal companies because of the draw to high pay rates. Whether a new grad with huge loans or a seasoned clinician …