Money Isn’t Everything

Money… what an interesting topic… it is important but so is liking what you do and where you work every day.

Many clinicians will unknowingly sign on with less-than-ideal companies because of the draw to high pay rates. Whether a new grad with huge loans or a seasoned clinician with some debt to pay off, I hear many clinicians say “I will do this or that for a few years just to get ahead.”

Unfortunately, during those few years of “getting ahead,” you grow accustomed to making that wage and it becomes the norm for you. That is when we run into people who really don’t like their jobs but are either unwilling or unable to make a financial change to improve the true problem.

Our recruiters and managers have the important job of helping candidates make decisions for the right reasons and not based on finances alone. We help by talking through questions like these:

  • Can you see yourself in the environment on a daily basis?
  • Are you comfortable with the level of supervision?
  • Is the company culture a fit with your values?
  • Are you comfortable with the productivity expectations/caseload?
  • Are the training and development (mentoring) opportunities what you’re looking for?
  • Are you comfortable with the direction of the therapy department and philosophy of treatment decisions?

I ask people all the time why they became a therapist. And never is the answer because I wanted to get rich doing it. Most people were drawn to the discipline to help other people. Make sure you’re thinking through your original goals when making job decisions. Don’t lose focus by the enticement of dollar signs.

As a clinician, I too need to make a good living and support a family, which I do. But my real job satisfaction comes from seeing the change people make in their lives with my assistance. I feel that with the right company, you too can find that balance in your professional career.

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