The Importance of Community

Annandale, Minnesota has a little over 3,000 residents and it is a tight-knit community. RehabVisions has been the contract therapy provider for Annandale Care Center for more than 10 years now, and that strong sense of community has been marbled into the foundation of our partnership.

Of course, every community has its own personality and unique needs. That’s why RehabVisions and the regional clinical manager for Annandale Care Center, Jolene Denn, SLP, embrace a community-centered approach. “Our focus is having a strong relationship with Annandale so they want to continue to grow with us. We’ve really tried to become a part of the fabric of the facility,” she said.

RehabVisions builds strong partnerships by openly communicating with the rest of the care team and actively engaging with all aspects of a facility, especially if they are attending a community event. “We make sure we have a presence. It is a big deal in this little town. We make sure they know the resources at the Care Center that they can utilize.” Relationships are built and strengthened over company barbeques, town celebrations and community educational events.

Jolene considers attending these events essential to our relationship. Deb Reitmeier is the administrator of Annandale Care Center. “RehabVisions and Jolene take an approach that makes therapy seamless. Most people don’t necessarily realize that our therapists are contracted. We’re just Annandale Care Center,” she says.

Making people aware of the options available for quality therapy ensures growth beyond the rehab department. Deb goes on to say, “The community as a whole has the ability to get what they need from a therapy perspective. Word of mouth has travelled that people are happy getting high-level, great care right here. That growth, in turn, brings people into the Care Center to see what else is available. They see the vibrancy and wellness center, removing that stigma people connect with nursing homes.”

RehabVisions understands the importance of integrating the therapy department as a part of a facility’s greater process and the team effort required to provide quality care for the whole person. We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with Annandale Care Center as well as the surrounding community.


Tera Marquardt

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