Small-Town Cool: Ephrata, Washington

Hidden Gem Ephrata: Where Small-Town Cool Meets Endless Adventure

Small towns provide unique opportunities to do meaningful work that not only makes an impact, but allows you to shine.

They also offer the chance to experience life at a slower pace, embrace local traditions and explore all that small-town living has to offer.

Uncover the magic of Ephrata, Washington, where serene landscapes, fun explorations and a fulfilling career await.

Named from the biblical description of “an orchard in the middle of the desert,” the town of Ephrata, Washington is a hidden jewel. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure or eager for a change of pace, here’s why Ephrata should be on your radar:

  • Ephrata offers a mild climate that showcases all four seasons.
  • Many young professionals and families choose Ephrata for its quiet neighborhoods, coffee shops, parks, town festivals, good schools and affordable cost of living.
  • Although it’s a quick drive to any part of the state, endless outdoor recreational activities are nearby, with plenty of camping, fishing and great hiking.
  • Go paddleboarding and kayaking at Soap Lake, just ten minutes away. The lake gets its name from the water’s soapy, foamy appearance. Soap Lake is thought to offer medicinal healing properties due to the diversity of minerals in its water, the highest of any lake in the world. There are natural resorts, spas and recreational grounds near the lake.
  • Ephrata has excellent access to quality medical care, including the newly expanded Columbia Basin Hospital.
  • If discovering charming and quirky restaurants is your thing, Ephrata offers everything from Barb and Ed’s Hamburgers and D.K.’s Drive-In to La Cierrita Mexican and Bamboo Shoot Chinese.

If you’re thinking about making the move to small-town living, RehabVisions can help. Learn more about job opportunities in Ephrata and other communities.



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