Set Some Rehab Resolutions For 2013

I love the feeling of fresh beginnings from starting a new calendar year. I’m a resolution-maker, and I think others should be too. It’s a perfect time to assess how things are going and set some goals that you can actually track in the coming year.

Director of Operations Tracy Milius, OT and I threw around some ideas for Therapy Department Resolutions. She did remind me that this couple of weeks is a busy time for most of our employees. You’re trying to squeeze a week’s worth of patients into four days plus sometimes working weekends to cover patients’ needs. You’re dealing with the onslaught of people getting elective surgeries before the end of the year, and you’re trying to cover your co-workers’ vacations.

But maybe at your next staff meeting, you pen some goals for 2013. You think through what is attainable and realistic and what will really make a difference for your department or your patients or RehabVisions. Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Start a new program. Talk to your Operations Director (Tracy or Steve) for ideas. They can refer you to other start-up programs being done at fellow facilities.
  • Market your services to the community or to referral sources. Use those FYI cards and tell the doctors in town about the CE you just attended. Call the newspaper and tell them you want to write an article for OT Month in April.
  • Improve your documentation systems. Increase time available for patient treatment by getting organized, streamlining systems, and documenting in a timely manner.
  • Identify new potential business. Is there a SNF or home health agency near you that could benefit from partnering with RehabVisions?
  • Improve communication among your team. Keep everyone on your team informed and involved. Use email, team meetings, and direct communication to keep everyone    in the loop.
  • Improve the quality of service. Think about what role you can personally play in your department and in fulfilling the company vision.

These are just some ideas. Think about what’s relevant at your facility. Talk about it with your co-workers and write them down. Put them somewhere that all of the employees can see them and revisit them from time to time. Goals work best when you set timelines, track them, and then celebrate their achievement. Good luck!


Michael Goldsmith

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