RV Welcomes Compliance Manager

RehabVisions added a new position to our Operations Department recently to to stay on top of regulatory points and provide expertise to our hospital clients.

Brenda Kemling, PT started in her role as Hospital Compliance Manager in June. So far, she has been training RehabVisions’ hospital staff on Functional Limitation Reporting (G-codes with severity modifiers), completing chart audits, and assisting in the establishment of electronic medical records in all of our facilities.

She has visited about half of RehabVisions’ hospital clients and plans to visit each one at least twice a year. She says her goal is to make our therapists as competent on the regulatory compliance side as they are as clinicians.

“Therapists just want to treat patients, but that’s not the way of the world anymore,” she said. “You have to be able to show what you’re doing on paper and prove that it’s working.”

Brenda looks at her job from a legislative perspective as well. She understands that it’s through adhering to government regulations that will have the biggest impact on the future of therapy as a profession. “I want therapists to follow regulations on a consistent basis so we can fully understand what works and what doesn’t,” she said. “Right now therapy is highly regulated, but through compliance we can become better advocates for ourselves as a profession, and ideally more autonomous practitioners.”

Originally from Nebraska, Brenda returns to the state after practicing in Winder, Georgia, near Atlanta. She was a rehab director there overseeing two outpatient facilities and a hospital rehab department.

Brenda is enjoying the new challenge her role provides and says it’s not that different from treating patients. “I used to be educating my patients, and now I’m educating other therapists,” she said.


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