RV Welcomes 700+ PT Students to Omaha

After a year and a half of lead-up, we were so excited to finally participate in APTA’s National Student Conclave this past Friday and Saturday in Omaha. RehabVisions was represented at the trade show as we doled out the world’s best ginger snaps and met bright PT students from all over the country.

gingers eating gingers

Participants went to lectures, workshops and continuing education courses throughout the two days and visited vendor booths in between.

As a proud Omahan and a bit of a Chamber-type, I was so proud to have these 700+ therapy students introduced to our city. October is the perfect month to host something here as the colors are vibrant and the weather typically good. Many of the students commented on the “niceness” of the people they had met. They seemed to get a good sense of our laid-back Midwestern vibe.

On Friday evening RehabVisions hosted a PT Pub Night event at LOCAL Beer, Patio and Kitchen and met even more therapists-in-training in a more casual setting.


PT Pub Night final

PT Pub Night is a community of fun-loving, problem-solving physical therapy professionals, students and general PT enthusiasts who regularly gather in local pubs and restaurants.

Again, we had great conversations about the students’ impending careers, RehabVisions’ company values and locations, and introduced many to our sister company, Cariant Health Partners.

Scott and Apple Watch winner

Recruiter Scott Villotta with our Apple Watch winner, Ky’Lee B., SPT.

The two days of the conference really flew by. These mostly young people had an eagerness that was infectious and an energy that was palpable. We hope the attendees truly enjoyed themselves, felt welcome in Omaha, and will think about RehabVisions as their graduation draws nearer.

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