RV Partnership Generated Rehab Growth and New Programs

In March of 2014, RehabVisions developed a new partnership with a critical access hospital in a town of 2,800 people. From the outset, we recognized there was great potential to expand their therapy services.

Our operations team established preliminary goals for this new challenge:

  • Increase patient visits to meet full-time staff needs
  • Provide patients with sufficient time required for quality patient care
  • Establish protocols that address the adequate level of treatment for patient success
  • Examine billing practices to ensure we are capturing proper reimbursement

Comparing initial year-over-year growth in total patient visits, we nearly doubled. We more than doubled the billable units, and the units-per-visit increased from 2.38 to 2.75. These numbers are exciting from a business perspective, but they also point toward staff development and elevated patient care through the services they provide.

Because of our focus on mentorship, the original physical therapist was able to grow and enhance his own skills and become a top-notch clinician. With the increase in patient visits and building of a sound therapy department, a skilled physical therapist assistant and occupational therapist were then recruited for the team. These essential additions resulted in high-quality care that prompted patients to provide feedback about the fantastic therapy they were receiving.

Before the start of this partnership, the hospital had a robust wound care program. Our focus turned to growing the pediatric caseload, increasing the skill-set for orthopedic issues, developing a manual approach to therapy, and adding lymphedema and ASTYM to the lines of service.

We’re not done developing the value of this rehab department for its communitya vestibular program is in the works.

Building programs is as important as fostering relationships when establishing a successful rehab department. RehabVisions Operations Manager Bill Mannewitz, PT emphasizes the significance mutual commitment carries. “The working partnership with the administration of this facility is crucial. Both the hospital and RehabVisions are working together in making this department a success,” he said.

RehabVisions was founded on the concept of providing quality therapy services to rural areas. We continue to believe in the positive impact these services can have on a community.


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