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Shortly after stepping into his new role as the Rehabilitation Director at RehabVision’s CHI Health Mercy Corning location, Caleb Sorensen, PT, DPT, was presented with the opportunity to fill an adjunct teaching position at University of Nebraska Medical Center, also known as UNMC. At first, he wasn’t sure how he would juggle the two roles, let alone tell his team that he’d be giving up time at the clinic to teach a human gross anatomy lab to physical therapy students one day each week.

“Im a clinic director, so balancing another commitment with a full-time position took a little effort, but RehabVisions was very accommodating,” Caleb says. “They didn’t seem hesitant at all. I explained what I was going to do and how I was going to balance it all, and they fully supported me in that.”

To keep things flowing in the clinic without interruption, Caleb works a longer day during the week to make up the time he spends traveling to and from Omaha as well as teaching the two-hour lab. During the lab, he trades his clinic clothes for scrubs, a white lab coat and gloves, thencruises around tables, helping with dissection and offering clinical tips on whatever areas the students are working through.

I’ve been surprised by how much this teaching position has rekindled my focus and appreciation for my role as a physical therapist,” he says. “The students are eager to impact the lives of their future patients, and it reminds me that I’m doing that every day in the clinic.

While the students are grinding through hours of study, Caleb gets to apply the knowledge he’s already learned when he’s at the clinic.

From my position, it’s very satisfying to recognize the achievements that are already behind me, encourage students who are working through that process now, and then carry that energy forward into my care for patients,” he says.

In addition to serving as a clinic director and an adjunct professor, Caleb is also a proud husband and father of three – two roles RehabVisions also supports wholeheartedly.

“There’s a great work-life balance at RehabVisions,” Caleb says. “When I was a student or practicing at other places, there was a lot of pressure to see several patients in a short amount of time, but RehabVisions isn’t like that. There’s such an easy therapist-patient connection built into the blueprint of our care model that I don’t really need to be thinking about anything else when I’m with my patients.

Another factor that makes it easier for Caleb to juggle multiple roles is that he and his family live near the clinic and are fully immersed in the local community. While this isn’t necessarily a requirement, we believe it sets RehabVisions’ therapists apart from others in the industry. With a full continuum of physical, occupational and speech therapy services in more than 80 small towns in 11 states, we’re experts in rural America, and we’re proud to employ like-minded individuals who appreciate all that small towns have to offer. For more information or to find a career you love, contact us.



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