Rehab Department Thrives in Boom Town

Perhaps you have heard about the oil boom going on in North Dakota these days. Williston, North Dakota, in the northwest corner of the state, is more than having its 15 minutes of fame in the media with stories about the influx of population on the town and its effects on traffic, real estate and the job market.

In the midst of all of that, life goes on for the residents of Williston. They still have needs, and sometimes that gets lost in the “news” stories of this town.

Last spring, the local skilled nursing home in Williston chose RehabVisions to provide its physical, occupational and speech therapy services. While there have definitely been challenges in this growing “boom” community, what can’t be lost is the impact our therapists are making on the people they treat there. The residents and families have been thrilled to have access to therapy services and are seeing the improvements firsthand.

In fact a few weeks ago, after a weekend when there was more than one national news story about Williston, I had a conversation with our Rehab Director Laura I., PT. The conversation was not “woe is me” — not at all. Laura was excited to tell me that her therapy department had placed second in the facility’s annual chili cook-off. The therapists had utilized this competition as a functional therapy activity, having patients cook the cornbread and work on standing/balance while decorating their table.

I’m proud of the RehabVisions therapy team in Williston for not only the care they are providing to the residents but their positive approach and overall attitude. Things are going great. The rehab department is thriving with brand-new equipment, and 42 percent of our rehab patients have been able to return to their home environment so far this year.

I’m glad we make a positive difference in all of the communities we reach.

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