Promote Physical Therapy During PT Month and Beyond

Physical therapy is an essential healthcare service, and it benefits not only your rehab department but the profession as a whole when you promote PT services consistently throughout the year. With many in-house PT marketing events canceled this year, find other avenues to stay top of mind.

Referral Sources

RehabVisions facility partners have access to our print shop with custom, ready-to-go marketing materials covering many lines of service. Use them to promote PT services strategically throughout the year, as a prompt to a declining referral source, and to introduce newly certified therapists to local physicians. We all know you’re promoting PT in October, but consider choosing one service to promote each month, so you’re consistently reaching out to referral sources.

Social Media

Check in with your facility marketing team. They likely have some therapy-related content scheduled (RehabVisions provides monthly content to our hospital partners) that you can expand on by providing a quote or more information about the featured line of service. Most marketing departments will also welcome news stories or PT-related articles/blogs that you think would be of interest to your community and patients. And of course, share your patient success stories.

Who Are You Missing?

There are still many working adults across the country who continue to work from home. They are likely significantly less active than they were before March. Many of them will  not return to work this year or even the first half of next year. Are there local employers who should receive information about the importance of physical activity for remote workers? How can you help their employees set goals for a healthy amount of exercise (and do it safely)? Let them know! You could also write something for the newspaper to reach these potential patients, or speak on a local radio show and emphasize direct access. A quick brainstorming session among your therapy team could identify these and other audiences that may not have been on your radar earlier in the year.


We’re here for you as a resource as you look for new ways to reach your prospective patients and promote PT services every month of the year.


Michael Goldsmith

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