Profile – Meet Adrienne, OT

Adrienne, a North Dakota native, has a passion for Occupational Therapy. She works in a hospital therapy department and loves practicing in a small community. Adrienne cherishes the simple joys that OT can bring to her patients, such as a woman she treated being able to hook her bra. The variety that OT brings to Adrienne assures her that she wants to be doing this for years to come. She is able to stay challenged and adapt as her patients adapt.

Adrienne loves people and she loves history. She hopes to be able to travel around Europe some day to meet all different types of people, site-see and learn about the history in Germany and Ireland. When she is 75, Adrienne hopes to still be active, volunteering and working as an OT. She hopes that she will still be able to do everything she wants to do.

What’s Adrienne doing to celebrate OT month? Promoting the discipline through educational materials and treats for her patients.

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