Personal “Branding” is Important in Job Search

Regardless of what you may think about social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, the fact is that they are here to stay. Sure, they’ll evolve over the years and will likely look very different than they do today, but ultimately they’ll still exist. Why? Because a lot of people love them and because recruiters and potential employers scan networking sites for evidence of your character. For example, when an organization considers contacting you for employment, they will likely complete a social media search on you. Never before did we have the ability to research anyone, anytime. These days a few mouse clicks and keystrokes can pull up a gold mine of information. That’s why you need to use networking sites effectively and professionally.

This recent article from PT Advance speaks to the need for personal “branding” and the importance of having an online strategy.


Deb Kirchhoff, SLP

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