Patient Safety Awareness Resources

Led by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), Patient Safety Awareness Week occurs annually to promote the safe care of patients to both the public and practicing health care professionals. This year the campaign will run the week of March 12 – 18. Show your facility is engaged in the topic by downloading and sharing these materials with patients and providers:

  • Ask your facility marketing department to get involved with patient safety awareness by sharing some of these Facebook and Twitter posts from the NPSF.
    • The NPSF has provided pre-written, easy-to-schedule posts to promote patient safety awareness week. Bonus points to those who participate in the “We are all patients” patient gown photo or video challenge.
  • Download, review and post in your therapy space the Universal Patient Compact, Principles for Partnership.
    • This one-sheet is a quick reminder of pledges therapists and patients can make during their treatment time for better and safer communication.
  • Review the provider-specific recommendations (7.1-7.5) from the Free From Harm report to revisit how to partner with patients and families for the safest care.
    • Actively engaging patients at all levels of care with authenticity is critical for patient safety. These five tactics are recommended by the NPSF.

Patient Safety Awareness Week is a good time to remember that RehabVisions is dedicated to providing the highest quality of healthcare utilizing the most ethical business practices, and fostering effective patient and family, and provider communication on patient care and safety concerns. RV therapists can refer to the extensive Safety Plan on RVNet.

Use hashtags #unitedforpatientsafety2017, #ptsafety and/or #PSAW2017 to participate on social media, learn and share your own patient safety tips.



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