Our Reputation Precedes Us

An administrator from one of our long-time hospital contracts recently told a story about running into a young family friend who was talking about her travel OT career and that she really liked the company she was working for. It was small and family-owned. She said the company was Cariant Health Partners (our travel division) but the administrator didn’t recognize the name as a RehabVisions company. When he then mentioned his happiness with RehabVisions as his hospital contract therapy provider, he said, “Her eyes got really big, and she said, “That’s the same company I work for!”

Likewise I had something happen recently that I had never experienced in my 19 years with this company. I received a call from a physician welcoming us to his community. He had been in touch with the hospital administrator and been told they had contracted with us to provide therapy. From hearing about our reputation, he was excited to have us providing services and wanted to let us know.

While these are flattering stories for us to hear, they also really mean something. They are examples of how important our company reputation is and how word-of-mouth is often the best form of advertisement.

The world is a small place. I’m proud that what we say and how we feel about this company is truly being reflected in others’ perceptions of RehabVisions. Let’s keep up the good work to keep it that way.

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