Occupational Therapy Month

Let us not forget to celebrate our occupational therapists this month. In this weird time, there is a new perspective on their work. Occupational therapy professionals promote participation in purposeful and meaningful occupations. With people forced to stay home, many people have a new occupationto stay put.

This lifestyle change so many people are experiencing because of the pandemic has given a glimpse of what it would be like to have limitations on the participation in our most meaningful occupations, and it’s difficult. Let these trying times of social distancing and staying home be a friendly reminder that participating in occupations that are purposeful and meaningful is importantto ALL of us. Hopefully, we will soon be back doing what we love and want to do. Until then let’s continue to focus on our patients who need to stay active and involved in meaningful activities and ensure that we are part of the solution in preventing decline in function.

Let’s have a safe Occupational Therapy Month, and keep promoting social distancing, health and wellbeing to the best of our abilities.

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