New Partnership with PRTS

Similar to RehabVisions’ roots, Physical and Respiratory Therapy Services (PRTS) was founded by a therapist to serve rural communities.

Dave Nachtigal, PT started his contract PT business 40 years ago at a hospital in Hiawatha, Kansas. He was the only therapist. He has since grown it into a multi-location, diversified practice that serves the continuum of care. He employs 43 clinicians and staff, many of whom he has known their whole lives. “Two of them I held as babies and eventually guided them into the field of therapy.”

Dave Nachtigal, PT – PRTS

As the years went by, loyalty to his employees and the responsibility of a young family at home meant the “what-ifs” started weighing heavily on Dave’s mind.

Enter RehabVisions.

In April 2016, RehabVisions became partners with Dave, adding resources in the areas of operations, compliance, recruiting and accounting. “They were the glue I needed to keep the practice together if something should happen to me,” he said. “This partnership has given me and my fellow practitioners the peace of mind that we needed and ensures the practice will continue for many years to come.”

Dave believes the transition with RehabVisions has gone better than expected and he is thrilled to continue growing his business and caring for the communities that he so obviously loves.

Interested in exploring a buy-out or partnership with RehabVisions? Contact us to start a conversation.


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