Managers Meet on RV Objectives

Last week the management team at RehabVisions got out of their regular environment for two days and retreated to a conference space to work on company objectives and vision for the company’s future.

In an email following CEO Darrell Metcalf explained. “In the heat of the day-to-day battle of dealing with issues in everyone’s individual areas of responsibilities, it is difficult for managers to find time to reflect and think about bigger-picture and longer-term challenges to our businesses.”

Director of Operations Jennifer Flanagan, SLP said because there had been so many changes with the pandemic, the change in CEOs and additions to the leadership team, it was the perfect time to reset our vision and expectations for the company. “We talked a lot about our company values and ways to increase our engagement with employees and customers,” she said.

The management team had been working on a new organizational structure based on the book “Traction,” by Gino Wickman. The basis of the “Traction” model is to continue progressing company objectives through organized problem-solving, task completion and alignment among all team members. Joe Frost, a local “Traction” implementor helped facilitate much of the meeting and led managers through exercises to assist in people’s understanding of how “Traction” works. Joe said the value of implementing any system like “Traction” is better understanding for all employees of what the organization stands for and where it’s headed. “Being able to communicate a clear vison and create a strong culture is a hallmark of successful companies and attracts people who share the company’s values and want to be a part of achieving its vision.”

New to the management team, Director of Human Resources Tricia Pofahl said the retreat helped her gain insight on the strategic plan for the company

“I loved the part where we split into divisions and worked on ideas and issues related to each division’s goals,” she said. “It was really beneficial to get to collaborate as teams and focus.”

Darrell explained that he expected some employees would experience changes to regular meeting and/or ways managers communicate based on this “Traction” structure. He said this was simply a new system to help us meet our objectives in an organized manner.

He also said many managers reported feeling energized by the progress made over the two days and he’s excited about what the future brings and how it will positively affect all employees.


Michael Goldsmith

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