Involvement is Key

Throughout RehabVisions, we have professionals working in a variety of settings presenting a variety of strengths and interests.

No matter what setting, involvement, both internally and externally, is a key to success.

Internally, it is important to be involved and to be visible within your facility. Know your administration and their expectations. Attend regular meetings. Volunteer for committees. Always be willing to tell the story of your department and its successes. Good communication is fundamental.

Externally, it is important to be involved within the community you serve. Give presentations or in-services to local civic, school or senior groups. Present or volunteer at local health fairs. Speak to local schools or colleges regarding the therapy profession. Assist with health or athletic screenings. Volunteer or assist with causes and organizations that you believe in.

The more visible you are, the more attention you may attract to your facility. These types of contacts help to present your department in a positive light and help to give it credibility within your community.

But it’s not all about what this involvement can do for your facility. Think about the personal and professional growth that can be gained from such experiences. Consider this your challenge for 2012. Go out and get involved!

Brandon is an 11-year employee of RehabVisions. He coaches various recreational sports for his kids including soccer, basketball, baseball and football. He has served as the athletic trainer for the local high school teams for the last 5 years and is part of the Optimist Club.


Brandon Labertew, PT

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