Implementing Change to Create Happy Workplaces

Last week I read a book called ‘Happywork’. Through storytelling the author demonstrates the importance of managers and co-workers working together to create company cultures that emphasize job satisfaction and happier work environments.

While reading, I was reminded of something Rehab Director Jolene Denn, SLP had written a week or so earlier for a separate blog topic:

“Our facility has undergone a big transition in mindset over the past two years. The culture here used to be that of the ‘therapist silo’, in which there was minimal collaboration, teamwork or fun. Everyone kept to themselves, did their job, and went home.

Two years ago our therapy department made change a priority. We added team members that were passionate about therapy and wanted to learn from others, as well as grow both personally and professionally. With change as our mindset, the entire department culture began to improve. Therapists would stop each other in the halls for ideas, pop their head into a treatment room for questions, propose challenging situations while offering solutions during staff meetings, and jump to volunteer for one another.

We continue to work hard at fostering a positive, interactive and fun environment daily. Our therapy gym doubles as the wellness gym for community members, so we keep the atmosphere fun and inviting with music, games and conversation between patients and community members. We participate in care center activities like making dishes for the annual chili cook-off or dressing up for Halloween with a team theme. This year it was 101 Dalmatians and last year we were a pack of Skittles! It’s also not uncommon for staff to get together outside of work for fun activities. For example, some staff plays on a bowling league together, and others took a pottery class together through the local community education center.


Our efforts for change have not only led to exponential improvements in therapist job satisfaction, but individual therapist growth and success have increased as well. Additionally, with happy and successful therapists, comes excellent customer service and patient care.”

It was the perfect parallel to the advice I had just read. When all members of a team commit to change, the investment results in an enjoyable, happy work environment.


Michael Goldsmith

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