Hospital Contracts: Focus on Partnership and Growth

In July of 2016, RehabVisions began a new contract at a critical access hospital, expanding into California for the first time. We’re happy to say that this partnership came by way of an ongoing relationship with Hospital CEO Steve Stark.

The hospital’s rehab department had become stagnant and, having worked with RehabVisions at two other locations, Steve believed the best way to overcome their obstacles was to find a strong partner. “I had experienced similar issues in a couple of other places in the past, and I was confident that RehabVisions could come in and take over in a very good, community-focused way.”

Our operations team set out to achieve these primary goals:

  • Staff with two physical therapists (PT)
  • Commit to one-on-one patient care
  • Increase inpatient and swing-bed utilization
  • Scheduling at least 45 minutes of treatment time for each patient

Prior to RehabVisions, the hospital was staffed with a PT and PTA splitting time—the equivalent coverage of one full-time employee—and only 2-4 swing-bed admissions per day.

RehabVisions focused on increasing the inpatient and swing-bed programs. Swing-bed admissions quickly increased to 8-11 per day. Part of that growth came from expanding the therapy services provided to include occupational and speech therapies.

Being able to deliver services that fit the needs of the community has been a highlight for Steve. “When we solicit our swing-bed program, we’re always questioned about what we can offer,” he said. “Now, we can say ‘yes, we have all of the therapies.’ That would not have been possible without RehabVisions.”

Although growing programs and services is important, we understand that for a patient to receive high-quality care the therapy and nursing teams must work closely together. Director of Nursing Tracy Atkins also recognizes the impact this can have on patient experience. “Because of RehabVisions knowledge base and experience, it has been very nice for the staff to collaborate openly and honestly for what’s best for each patient’s unique needs. I see much more partnership, much more collaboration, and it’s no longer just the nurse trying to bear the burden of seeing a patient through the plan of care.”

We’re proud to say that after only six months, the rehab department has had over 60 percent growth in billable units. Much has been accomplished in a short period, and we’re even more optimistic about opportunities yet to come.


Tera Marquardt

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