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The diverse regions of our country offer unique opportunities for rehab clinics to develop programs that will most benefit their surrounding communities. In the retirement-friendly resort area of central Missouri, golf is a popular recreational sport. We asked Courtney Hulett, PT about BACKtoGOLF, a leading fitness program recognized by GOLF magazine.

What is BACKtoGOLF and who is your intended audience?

BACKtoGOLF (BTG) total performance program is specifically designed to allow individuals to return to sport-specific activities without pain. The program incorporates flexibility, strength and movement patterns to improve performance and reduce strain on the body during the activity. In general, BTG is designed for any individual or team who either has pain during or after playing golf, or would just like to improve their game.

What do you do in a BTG program?

BTG programs are specifically tailored to each individual’s needs. As clinicians, we look at strength, stiffness and mechanics associated with the golf swing to assess where the possible problem might occur and target this with individualized exercises and manual techniques. Each program incorporates some mobilization, stretching and specific strengthening activities, including core stability principles, to enrich overall health and safety with the golf swing. Programs can vary from four visits to eight weeks, depending on the client and severity of their symptoms, as well as their personal goals. We also recommend a strong relationship with local golf courses and their professionals. It is nice to rely on their expertise as part of the holistic treatment to improve performance.

What success have you seen with this program?

BTG is a comprehensive program based on scientific research and kinematics. People who follow the program faithfully have reduced pain with golf and other activities of daily living and are able to return to a game they love. Those who use the program for sports enhancement have noticed increased distance and stamina during the game.

How do you market a program like this?

Marketing on the radio has been a key to our success. We do print and incentive advertising in addition to radio. It is important to maintain good relationships with local courses and their professionals. It also seems that advertising in the fall and winter is beneficial. When the weather isn’t conducive to golf outdoors, people are more willing to take time to work on themselves in preparation for the upcoming season.

Learn more about BTG certifications on their website.


Area Manager Courtney Hulett, PT, a University of Missouri graduate, has been providing therapy services and managing rehab clinics with RehabVisions for 16 years. Recently he completed the Missouri Hospital Association Center for Education’s Health Care Leadership Series.



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