Football Season opportunities with local EMS providers

The physical therapy team in Harlan, Iowa spent the summer working on new programming to provide comprehensive emergency coverage for football games with local school districts. Rehab Director Steve Finn, PT is thankful for the teams’ efforts to provide training to local EMS providers for high school game coverage as it also “demonstrates commitment and dedication to area athletes.”

Claire Petersen, PT teaching a class of EMTs.

Through the efforts of Stephanie Harder, PT, Claire Petersen, PT, Eric Chipman, PT and Lynn Schmitz, PT, the physical therapy department has:

  • Helped to establish and implement an Emergency Action Plan for school officials and local fire departments.
  • Communicated with school nurses, coaches and officials to make sure they are familiar with Impact testing, available therapy services and how referrals work.
  • Discussed with coaches and school officials specific training and knowledge of equipment removal, CPR/AEDs, etc., securing coverage at JV games.
  • Provided education and practice training on removal of football equipment with local EMS providers.
  • Reviewed sideline coverage and follow-up with medical providers who cover home games.

Stephanie Harder, PT leading EMTs through helmet and shoulder pad removal.

Training emergency medical technicians who provide sports coverage in your community is a way your department can offer valuable expertise. You can share knowledge on safe equipment removal and other topics while showing support for local athletes and interest in their wellness and care.



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