Five Things Your Rehab Department Should Be Doing – #2 Specializing

Is your rehab department maximizing its potential? This post is the second in a series. It’s based on some items RehabVisions focuses on when we manage therapy departments, but it’s also a conversation starter about some things you could be doing differently.

Whether your department is in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or is an outpatient clinic, we’re betting you can take something away from this series. Enjoy!


Are you getting beat by your competition because they have more to offer than you? This is a problem many rehab departments face. They lack identity. They’re just another rehab facility. To prevent this from happening, they must decide who they want to be and how to set themselves apart from their competition.

Challenge your department to develop specialized rehabilitation programs that are unique – programs that will differentiate you from your competitors and appeal to the patient base you serve. Answer the needs of physicians and referral sources but also play into your therapists’ interests.

This may sound easy but you must do your homework first. Research to identify current therapy needs with your current patient population and current therapy trends within the industry. Decide if they would be a good fit within your department and community. Become experts in these fields. This will require additional speciality training in most cases, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Lastly, tell people what you’re doing. This relates back to the first post in this series about marketing. So, create your identity with your specialized services but then be sure to tell people what you’re doing. Make people aware, through your marketing efforts, of your programs and what differentiates you with other therapy departments in the area.


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