Falls and Balance Program Rebooted

RehabVisions rehab directors and team leads should be watching this week for some information coming your way. Practitioners representing all of our settings have been meeting in the past few months to update our falls and balance program. Shelly Hefner, OT and Jill Gregg, PT have represented the skilled nursing side, and Steve Finn, PT has represented hospitals and outpatient settings. They have led the charge with assistance from the Operations Team.

The packet of information will include a printed manual and handouts for patients, caregivers and facility staff. Some materials will be shipped with the box and others can be printed from RVNet. Hospital departments and clinics will receive their packets via mail and SNF leads will get them during their annual meeting next week.

Shelly said the idea behind the update was so that our program reflects the most current evidence-based information but also works across all settings and considers all disciplines.

Start planning now for your promotion around National Falls Prevention Awareness Day on Monday, September 23 or make it part of your PT Month celebration in October.


Michael Goldsmith

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