Employee Testing Program … A Win-Win Situation

We’ve previously outlined the basics of how to get started with pre and post-employment testing programs, a service offered in many of our locations because it can be marketed to a variety of businesses. So, how is it working for our teams?

Rehab Director Stephanie Foust, PT has offered a functional employment testing program for a few years. Testing is provided to employees and future employees of area clients with whom she maintains an annual contract. Therapists determine if individuals are capable of performing lifting, pushing, pulling and other job-specific tasks deemed necessary by the client. The testing is also provided to employees who have been injured or off the job to decide if they can return to work.

“This is a great program for any outpatient clinic to have as part of their offered services,” says Stephanie. “It ensures individuals are capable of performing required tasks on the job and decreases that employer’s risk of worker’s compensation injuries. It also establishes a baseline of what the normal musculoskeletal components are of each prospective employee: i.e. range of motion, strength, laxity of joints and cardiovascular health.”

There are major perks of the program, including:

  1. Maintenance: Most of the work required to keep the program going is related to annual continuing education. Stephanie’s team uses a specific program that requires online education to be completed one year, and then an onsite continuing education course on opposite years.
  2. Referrals/Growth: A benefit to using a computer-based system, additional business is derived from individuals routed to their clinic from larger clients of the program itself. Employment testing allows clients to see what other services are offered, as well as opportunities for the clinic to provide safety education. And individuals who come in for pre or post-employment testing have made therapy referrals for other physical therapy and occupational therapy services offered at the clinic.
  3. Financial: This is a fee-for-service program contracted individually with each company. There is no billing of insurance or waiting on payment, making employment testing a very profitable program.

“I have found this to be a great program to market to companies where we see a large amount of worker’s compensation patients,” says Stephanie. “It allow for gains in both our therapy practice as well as giving our clients the opportunity to keep costs and safety at optimum levels.”



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