Director Notes Personal Touches by RehabVisions That Make a Difference

Kayla Montonye, OT came to work for RehabVisions (RV) in December 2020 as our Regional Clinical Manager. Her experience before then had been as a rehab director in a skilled nursing facility where she worked for three different contract therapy providers. In her more than two years with the company Kayla has noticed a strong culture with RehabVisions and some differences in the way we do business.

“I’d say one of RV’s biggest strengths is upper management is open to feedback and willing to change based on that feedback,” she said. “Our monthly leadership meetings are collaborative.” The focus is about quality therapy and partnership, not just making budget and increased productivity, she said. “There’s an openness to listening to employees and valuing everyone’s opinions.”

Kayla has also been impressed with the people at the Home Office and their knowledge of the therapists and clients in the field. “When I call Jennifer (Director of Operations Jennifer Flanagan) about a certain employee, she knows exactly who I’m talking about,” she said. And many others are aware of the happenings in our facilities. “These are personal touches that really make a difference to people,” she said.

Kayla said she was also glad the company’s continuing education opportunities were not a “take it or leave it” approach. She said our team focuses on what the therapists are reporting as most beneficial to help their location and population served. RehabVisions contracts with Medbridge, which allows therapists hundreds of online continuing education courses as well as digital exercise programs for patients.

“The exercise programs are a game-changer for our digitally savvy patients,” Kayla said. “We can just format their exercise programs on their devices.”

Along with everything else, RV therapists feel appreciated, she said. “They are recognized for going above and beyond for their facility and rewarded when they refer others.” Kayla said it’s been refreshing that there are tools in place for this cultural form of recognition and reward.

Director of Operations Jennifer Flanagan said having Kayla point out some of the internal strengths of RehabVisions had helped her, as a 25+ year employee, better appreciate the business. “Sometimes the culture is crystalized when you get a new person’s perspective,” she said. “We need to do a better job of capitalizing on these differences. Not every company has our personal level of service.”

And how does all this affect patient care? “We just have happier therapists,” Kayla said. “And that always translates to better patient care.”


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