Customer Values RV’s Integrity

When Bethany Lutheran Home CEO Mike Van Sickle went looking for a new therapy provider, integrity was number one on his list.

Bethany Lutheran had been caught up in a costly, multi-year Corporate Integrity Agreement from the Office of the Inspector General relating to their previous therapy provider. They were investigated for their billing practices. “We didn’t have the sophistication or the experience to know it was happening,” Mike said.

So their search for a new therapy provider included an in-depth look at five companies and many calls to other skilled nursing facilities for references. “We wanted a company that was not only knowledgeable about rehab but also all of its regulations,” he said.

They chose RehabVisions because they liked the people they met and liked what they learned about the company and its values, Mike said.

A year into the contract and he said things are going really well. “The staff is very likeable—personal and professional. The residents really like them, and Bev (Rehab Director Bev Morris) is always responsive when I have questions.”

He said he and his staff have really tried to make the rehab department part of their organization and RehabVisions has fit seamlessly into their team.

One of RehabVisions’ corporate values is integrity. Mike Van Sickle for one says, “I really appreciate that.”


Michael Goldsmith

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