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Conversations with Rehab Director Sam Arentson, PT are fun. He speaks with purpose and sincerity about what matters. In his case what matters is pretty simple. Family. Patient care. Integrity. That alignment with RehabVisions’ own values has served Sam well, just three years into a career with the company.

Sam calls his path to physical therapy the “age-old story” of high school athlete has unfortunate injury and discovers the world of physical therapy. His therapy sessions turned a general interest in a healthcare career to one pinpointed on physical therapy. The hospital rehab department where his therapy took place happened to be managed by RehabVisions, and one of the therapists on his case was Rehab Director Steve Finn, PT.

Steve recalls that Sam “possessed all of the inherent characteristics we would want in one of our staff members.”

Sam returned to that same hospital for a two-week clinical with Steve during PT school. “It was readily apparent that Sam would be a perfect fit for RehabVisions. Our culture paralleled what Sam was looking for to develop his skills,” said Steve.

Sam Arentson, PT

Rehab Director Sam Arentson, PT

Soon Sam was working for RehabVisions in Southwest Iowa. After just a year and a half he was promoted to a Rehab Director role at a nearby rural hospital. In a town of 1,800 people, his rehab department draws from an area up to 25 miles surrounding the community and sometimes even further for home health care. Even in his management role, his day consists of a lot of hands-on patient care, which Sam enjoys. An advocate for being a jack-of-all-trades, “I’m still a generalist here. It’s nice that we’re working in small towns–you get a little bit of everything.”

“In these small communities, if you don’t give good, solid care, people will talk. Patient care and clinical excellence are important,” Sam adds.

That understanding along with the opportunity for clinical and professional growth makes working for RV enjoyable, he said. “When you meet Joel and Rick, they are just like you and me. RehabVisions is certainly a company where integrity and values and a family-friendly approach matters.”

Listen and watch our 30th anniversary video to learn more about what draws great therapists like Sam to RehabVisions.


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