Celebrating 10 Years

Today I celebrate my 10th anniversary as RehabVisions’ marketing director. Being at a company for 10 years is a little unusual in this day and age. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median tenure of all US employees was 4.2 years in 2016, with a median of 5.1 years for workers in management or professional occupations like mine.

To be honest the time has flown. That could have something to do with having a three-year-old and six-month-old when I took the job, but it’s more than that. To put it plain and simple, I still learn most every day I work. That means I’m growing as a professional, and that’s what staves off complacency. As the company has grown and changed (and we’ve doubled in size since I started in 2008), so has my job.

Technology has made a big difference, too. When I started in 2008, RehabVisions had one primitive website. We weren’t concerned about blogging, social media or video. Now we use all those mediums and more. We also have a robust website and intranet, individual websites for outpatient clinics and a full-time social marketing manager helping with all our digital channels. How could I get bored with all that going on?

I also feel a tremendous amount of support. I’m given a good budget each year to assist our departments and accomplish new goals for the company. And I’m empowered to make decisions on my own. There have been very few times in the past 10 years when I’ve wanted to try something that it didn’t come to fruition. That kind of trust and support doesn’t happen at every company.

And, of course, I stay for the people. I still enjoy going to work each day and being around professional people who believe in our mission. Sure, we have our quirks (show me a workplace that doesn’t), but we get a lot done, and we have some fun doing it.

I believe most of our employees feel the way I do about RehabVisions. I hear great stories about our therapists who continue to grow every day as professionals, feel supported to try new things, and enjoy those they work with. I am grateful to have found a job that delivers so many positives. I wonder what the next 10 years will bring.


Michael Goldsmith

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