An appreciation for compassion

Compassion is something most therapists have in common and one of our corporate values. True compassionate care rarely goes unrecognized. We’re often humbled by the words of appreciation, thank-you notes and patient testimonials that therapists receive from former patients.

“I had pain in my left knee that was getting worse… Over the course of two weeks, Ryan discovered a lump on my knee that didn’t move with the muscle and suggested I get it checked out further. After an MRI, it was discovered to be a cancerous tumor. I began treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and also went through a Total Knee Replacement. I did my post-surgical rehab with Ryan. To this day, my family credits him with saving my life.”

“You all are truly gifted and blessed with great talent. Some can heal the body. It takes truly exceptional people to heal body and soul. I will be forever grateful for what you all did for me.”

“The therapists were not only professional, but very caring. They made me feel loved – and at home.”

Gratitude for this level of caring is not limited to patients. Amy Young, PTA was selected as the February employee of the month in one of our hospitals, recognized for excellence in patient care.

Rehab Director Kim Roberts, PT with Amy.

“Amy will often share a kind word with patients and she is so compassionate when it comes to meeting their needs… It is obvious she loves her profession as it is reflected in her work.”

“Each day I do what I love, helping patients attain a better quality of life. In helping them I have garnered a healthy respect for them, their life experiences and words of wisdom. This has enriched my life in ways I could not have imagined,” Amy says.

To see patients get better and know we had an impact in their lives fuels our passion for compassion.



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