8 Benefits of a Strong Therapy Department For Rural Healthcare Providers

A strong rehab therapy department (offering all or a combination of physical, occupational and speech therapies) can bring several benefits to a rural healthcare provider:

  • Improved patient outcomes – By providing high-quality, specialized care that is tailored to the needs of patients, therapists can help patients manage their symptoms, improve their overall health and increase their quality of life. This can result in reduced hospital readmissions and lower healthcare costs.
  • Increased patient satisfaction – A strong therapy department offers a welcoming and supportive environment while providing patients with the care they need, leading to increased patient satisfaction.
  • Increased revenue – Patients can seek care at the provider’s facility rather than traveling to a larger, urban hospital or a local physical therapy clinic. This provides an additionalsource of revenue for a rural healthcare provider.
  • Improved care coordination – An internal rehab therapy team allows the facility’s other healthcare providers, such as primary care physicians and specialists, to work together closely to ensure that patients receive coordinated care.
  • Attraction and retention of skilled staff – The therapy department can help attract and retain skilled therapists, which can be beneficial for a rural healthcare provider that may have difficulty recruiting and retaining staff. A longtenured therapy staff also contributes to higher patient satisfaction.
  • Increased referrals Offering rehab therapy services can attract referrals from other healthcare providers and community members. This can help the healthcare provider increase their patient base and grow their business.
  • Competitive advantage A rural healthcare provider with a strong therapy department can differentiate themselves from other providers in the area. This can help them attract and retain patients, as well as recruit and retain high-quality therapists.
  • Community outreach – Rehab therapists can provide additional outreach to the community, offering educational programs, health fairs and other events to promote health and wellness. This can help the healthcare provider build relationships with community members and improve the health of the overall population.

Put simply, a strong therapy  department offers a wide range of benefits for a rural healthcare provider. It is important for rural healthcare providers  to invest in a therapy department that can meet the demands of their patients and business. To learn more about how a partnership with RehabVisions can impact your hospital and patients as well as your bottom line, contact us today. We will be happy to provide an assessment of your current program and needs.

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