5 Things Your Rehab Department Should Be Doing – #5 Think Image

Is your rehab department maximizing its potential? This post is the fifth and final in a series. It’s based on some items RehabVisions focuses on when we manage therapy departments, but it’s also a conversation starter about things you could be doing differently.

#5 Think About Your Image

Remember Andre Agassi in those old Canon camera commercials in which he professed, “Image is everything”? Well, right or wrong, what he said is ultimately true. People base a large portion of their perceptions on what they see. The image your rehab department is showing may be the deciding factor in whether a patient chooses you as their rehab provider.

Take a good look at your therapy space. Do you like what you see? Why do companies spend so much money on packaging a product? The packaging helps to sell the product. The “packaging” of your rehab department will help to sell your product if it’s impressive enough. Your space should be bright and inviting. It should be organized and clutter-free. It should contain new equipment with new technology. The space should be set up to allow the flow of patients to easily access equipment. The department should allow for privacy in treatment areas and a separate waiting area.


The therapy team also projects an important image to both patients and referring providers. Do they present in a professional and polished manner? Do patients see positive interactions between the therapists? Are therapists positive and complimentary to one another and to their patients? All of these things significantly impact the perception of your therapy department and can ultimately enhance or diminish the success of your program. If patients view the department and therapists favorably, then they will likely be your biggest advocates and spread the word around the community.

Image may not be everything, but it is certainly a reflection of both the therapy department and your entire hospital. At RehabVisions, we believe that image can potentially put the edge on your department versus the competition. And we believe in coming out on top.


Todd Lohr

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