Wall Honors Therapists in the Field

RehabVisions’ Home Office in Omaha, Nebraska was built in 1989. We often get comments from visitors about how unique it is as a place of business. It has a residential feel on the inside and out.

The Wall at the RehabVision Home Office

The Wall at RehabVisions showcases all our rehab directors and team leaders across the company as well as our values.

One stand-out area at the Home Office is The Wall. This wall has photos of all our physical, occupational and speech therapy rehab directors and team leaders across the company as well as a polished gold-colored list of the company values—compassion, enthusiasm, respect, commitment, integrity and excellence. It was the brainchild of now President Rick Larmore to recognize the importance of our managers to the organization.

“We thought it would be a meaningful tribute—not just to see pictures of each of our managers on a daily basis but to be reminded frequently of our company values and just who it is that we’re here to support,” he said.

Rick said at the time they came up with tribute copy but ran out of room on the wall. It said: In healthcare facilities across the nation, RehabVisions’ Directors, Managers and Leads provide unparalleled leadership. They make countless contributions of time, talent and energy to bring nationwide recognition and respect for the patient care delivered by our team. They are the power that keeps RehabVisions constantly growing and improving.

Gathering the photos from people spread throughout 12 states can be challenging, but it’s an important tradition to everyone at the Home Office. “I’m particular about keeping that wall updated, so we can all see the boots-on-the-ground members of this company,” Rick said. “It reminds us who’s out there truly getting patients better. It’s a very important reminder.”

So, this is a feel-good story but also a call to action for you team leaders and rehab directors who haven’t yet sent in your photos. Get it done! We want to see you on The Wall and be reminded daily of the good work you do.


Michael Goldsmith

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