Contracting With RV Makes CEO’s Life Easier

In 2007 CEO Debrah Chensvold was looking for a change for her Iowa hospital’s rehab department. She looked at several contract therapy companies and chose RehabVisions. We recently talked to Deb about how the partnership has gone over the past five years.

RV  How did you come to choose RehabVisions as your therapy provider?

Deb  I was impressed with their presentation and reputation. They came highly recommended by a hospital CEO from a nearby community.

RV  How has RehabVisions made your life easier?

Deb  I don’t worry about the therapy department anymore. Particularly it is so nice for me to know we are compliant with billing and coding. They are so competent in that area. It’s just taken care of and our reimbursement has significantly improved.

RV  What about communication?

Deb – When we contracted with RehabVisions, they came in and hired a new rehab director who has been wonderful. Our relationship is very collaborative. She and I meet monthly but also have an open-door policy where we talk about issues anytime. She also attends all of our middle management meetings.

RV  What about the rest of the department?

Deb  We look at Rehab as just part of our team. They assimilate well into our culture.

RV  How else has your relationship with RV changed things for your therapy department?

Deb  We’ve seen some new clinical programming and increased volumes so consequently revenue has increased. And because I’m so confident in their clinical abilities, we renovated their physical space as well. They got a new department area as part of a major hospital building project.

RV  What about dealing with RV outside of your own therapy department?

Deb  Everyone is so easy to work with-from our own rehab director to the Director of Operations and others who oversee the operations at our location.

RV  Would you recommend RV to other hospital CEOs?

Deb  Absolutely, because of their professionalism and competency. I’m so happy with their service and I know I made the right decision.

Thanks Deb!



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