Clinical Student Experiences Benefit All

I witnessed something recently while visiting our hospital at Lake Regional Health System in Missouri that made me very proud. During a staff meeting, two of our clinical physical therapy students, Katie Neds from Missouri State University and Lauren Womack from Southwest Baptist University, presented a talk they’d given at the hospital’s daylong Trauma Seminar. The presentation, called “Complications from Immobility,” focused on the causes and effects of immobility and the role healthcare providers play. They did an excellent job, and I know I learned some things from it.

Kevin Meglan, PT, our clinical instructor at the facility, said it wasn’t just Lauren and Katie who created the presentation, but it was another student, Derek Straus from Southwest Baptist University who also helped. Derek was with Kevin when he was approached about the opportunity, so Derek assisted with forming lecture objectives and finding research that had been conducted in the last two years.

Responses to the presentation were outstanding with the Trauma Nurse Coordinator writing, “I was so impressed by the students! I think back to my time as a student, and how intimidated I might have felt presenting in front of a room full of professionals. I think that they did a fantastic job! They should be proud of their lecture and should get extra credit in their clinical rotation.”

Rehab Director Courtney Hulett, PT said hosting students has been a plus. “It enables us as a department to stay current on the latest research and utilize best-in-practice treatment techniques,” he said.

Echoing Courtney’s thoughts, Kevin said, “Taking a student is a tremendous opportunity to enrich the clinical experience of both the student and instructor, irrespective of the level of placement,” he said. “Students bring a spark into our facility. Their interests, their knowledge, their insecurities and their personalities are inspiring. They have given me renewed energy and inspiration to share my profession.”

As a company, we pride ourselves in best practices and our clinical expertise, and this was a perfect example for me to see our words in action. Thanks to Kevin and our students for their work.


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