A Patient’s Poem

Booted or Well-Booted
By Jack 2011

It has been a mighty long time
Since this old buckaroo
Has seen fit to put his foot
On the inside of a shoe.

Now he has a therapist
Who is pushing mighty hard
To change his mode of footwear
But I don’t think so pard.

He thinks it will help my balance
And give me Happy Feet
And if I wear Nikes or some such shoe
It will give my feet a treat.

I have a pair of Justins
And a pair of Hyers too
I have two pair of Luccheses
And Tonys to name a few.

I bought a pair of Elk skin
Now there’s a boot to love
Soft and pliable
Fits just like a glove

There are some alligator
Boots that Mary bought
You’d think they would be waterproof
But they certainly are not.

Mary bought me a pair of Lizard
I thought some one would warn her
Boots with toes like that
Are for stomping bugs in a corner

I had some rough outs
Some made from cow hide
Then some French calf
And I wear them all with pride

I’ve got some ropers and some doggers
Some have walking heals, some underslung
Most for riding, none for joggers
But they aren’t made for walking
And don’t ever try to run.

But I can’t part with them old boots
Cause they represent too much
And to throw away those memories
I wouldn’t dream of such

Because my therapist thinks he’s winning
And I let him believe
But I go out and pull my boots on
The moment that I leave.

Jack is a patient at a RehabVisions facility in Central Nebraska. Alan Daup, OT is his therapist and the inspiration for this poem.



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