Tera Marquardt

Sales Coordinator

Tera has a degree in Mechanical Engineering that never got used. We’re glad she found her way to RehabVisions as she’s a great addition in leading our new business efforts. Specifically, Tera helps to identify potential hospital and skilled nursing partners and performs outreach to continue the RehabVisions mission of bringing high-quality therapy services to rural communities. Tera enjoys getting her hands dirty gardening and spending time with her two nephews—JL and CoopLion (nicknames, of course).

Marie Andersen

Recruiting Assistant

Karey Fletcher, PT

Outpatient Clinics Operations Manager

Teri Godfrey

Senior Accountant

Wendy Mead, RN

SNF Regulatory and Reimbursement Specialist

Rob Godfrey

Director of Information Technology

Sara Wigger

Marketing Manager

Stacy Ashley Murphy

Director of Marketing

Melody Rosenbalm

HR Assistant

Traci Hudson

Onboarding Specialist

Tricia Pofahl

Benefits Manager

Mary Houmard-Long

Payroll Specialist

Marylee Scott

Accounts Payable

Amber Thomas

Accounts Receivable/Billing Specialist

Audrey Laska

Operations Assistant

Doug Larmore

Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

Karen Ryman

Accounting Manager

Brenda Kemling, PT

Hospital Compliance Manager

Jennifer Flanagan, SLP

Assistant Director of Operations/SNF Operations Manager

Bill Mannewitz, PT

Assistant Director of Operations/Hospital Operations Manager

Steve Kinkead, SLP

Director of Operations

Tracy Milius, OT

Director of Operations

Deb Lacey

Vice President of Human Resources

Darrell Metcalf

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Larmore

Chief Operating Officer

John LaPesh


Liz Taylor


Chris Marx

Recruiting Manager

Joel Larmore, PT

President and CEO