Ol’ Switcheroo Works Out for Two Employees

One of the many benefits of working for RehabVisions is the ability to transfer to other RehabVisions’ contracted locations to better meet your career goals or family needs. I personally experienced this opportunity early in my career when I moved from the SNF setting in the greater Omaha area to a hospital setting in Harlan, Iowa. Then later I relocated back to Omaha to pursue a management opportunity at the Home Office. The ability to change my clinical setting and geography at that point in my career is one of the dominant factors in why I have remained with this company for over two decades.

While most employees are likely to stay at the original location where hired, others seek change. This is a great way to enhance your career while maintaining the same employer and increasing years of service with the company. Recently, two new graduates who had started their careers with RehabVisions decided to take advantage of this unique possibility.

Hannah has family ties to the area near one of our hospital contracts in Iowa. She completed her clinical there, then entertained a job offer at that location. Because of personal reasons, she opted to take an opportunity with another RehabVisions location about two hours away. She then referred her classmate, Bryndee, to the original location where she had interviewed, and Bryndee took that position. Fast forward a few months and both employees are enjoying their new roles as Physical Therapists with RehabVisions. They stay in touch and communicate about what it’s like to be a new grad with our company, share clinical experiences, and reminisce about PT school.

Then Hannah’s circumstances changed, prompting her to return closer to her family. But she dreaded the thought of leaving her position with RehabVisions. So when she shared this news with Bryndee, she discovered that Bryndee would like to be closer to the Iowa City area where her husband is attending Pharmacy school. As luck would have it, both Bryndee and Hannah decided they would like to switch jobs – and within a month, these two orchestrated what is now known as the “ol’ switcheroo.”

Fortunately, this worked great for these two employees. They can stay employed with RehabVisions and continue growing their careers. We are hopeful that they will become long-time RehabVisions employees – even if they decide to change locations again. And we are also hopeful that their story will be encouraging to other employees who are looking for a change and to other therapists who may be looking for an employer that is worth being loyal to.

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