Therapy Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Therapy Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our therapists build rapport and relationships with the residents, while enhancing the quality of their lives. Patients get more personal care, which translates into better care.

And we provide a comprehensive approach to therapy to maximize functional independence and improve resident’s safety in their environment.

Areas of expertise include:

Orthopedic Issues
- Strains and sprains
- Fractures
- Joint replacement
- Pre/post surgical rehab

- Back/neck injuries
- Lower back pain
- Muscle/joint injuries

Balance/Fall Prevention

Wound Care

Work-related Injuries

Swallowing Disorders

Neurological Disorders
- Stroke
- Head injuries
- Parkinson’s disease
- Dementia

Neuromuscular Disorders
- Multiple sclerosis
- ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Speech-Language Disorders
- Speech/articulation
- Voice
- Hearing
- Auditory comprehension
- Cognitive/dementia disorders

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