We can help with your transition.

As part of our corporate strategy, RehabVisions is interested in acquiring smaller therapy operations. We can assist either business owners in a successful exit strategy or contract companies that no longer have the resources needed to effectively compete.

Seamless Transition

The Process

Ideally, we are interested in therapy businesses with:

  • At least one hospital contract
  • Several SNF contracts
  • No more than two clinics

Ultimately, aligning corporate cultures is the most important aspect of a successful acquisition.

As a relationship-based business, RehabVisions carefully selects the companies with whom we do business. Likewise, as a business owner, your most valuable asset is your people. You care about both how they will be treated and where they end up.

In our corporate culture, we are competitive but we understand that there is more to healthcare than productivity. We expect our therapists to build relationships with their patients, while enhancing the quality of their lives. Patients get more personal care, which translates into better care.